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Lily Pagano: Her Creative Story

A little introduction to Lily: “I was born and raised in London, but have a very mixed heritage – my mother is Turkish and my father is Italian-Norwegian. I’m in the final year of my Masters course in Physics at UCL, so the past four years have been filled with studying whilst also trying to pursue photography more seriously.” Do you think living in London is helping you find inspiration for your photography? I’m lucky to live in a city filled with like-minded, creatively driven people, so there’s always an opportunity to find artists to collaborate with – whether that’s a fellow photographer or a musician. Being around so many people has an incubating effect.  It’s not as if I see someone on the street and suddenly get a burst of inspiration, but it might spark something that later comes into fruition. The constant hustle and bustle around me means I can strike a subconscious balance between input and output – an equilibrium.  What inspired you in the first place to start taking photographs and …


1.     What did you feel when you were at the demonstrations? I think I should start by saying that I was not actually planning on going to the demonstration. I guess I was not really sure if I wanted to be somewhere with so many people. So instead, my friends and I went to the Portrait Gallery before the demonstration had started. However, when we went outside and everything had already began, I immediately took my camera out. I was captivated by how the resistance against Trump’s ideas was being shown in such a hopeful way. Although Trafalgar Square was as crowded as I had ever seen it, it definitely felt familiar and safe. 2.     How do you think the demonstration affected the people that were there? I would say it was more optimistic and hopeful than negative. However, I did see some banners that showed anger and sadness. I think those reminded everyone that although we may sometimes end up just making jokes and funny signs about Trump, we should not forget the damage he has …

Photos That Will Make You Care About The Refugee Crisis

Everyday people have to escape their homes due to wars, prosecution, natural disasters and poverty. In 2016, over 5,000 people died or went missing whilst trying to enter Europe and more than 3,000 people lost their lives in 2017. The refugee crisis is incomprehensible for some of the people in the West because we have not been exposed to it. The news only shows us a tiny fraction of what’s actually going on and most of us, if we’re lucky enough, never had to go through what some are going through right now. However, not knowing anything about this crisis when you literally have the whole world on your fingertips is choosing ignorance… I will not be writing a lot in this post, because I don’t think any words can really grasp the intensity of what is happening in the world at this moment – but photos definitely can at least attempt to. So if you don’t feel connected to and/or uninterested in the current refugee crisis here are some photographers who might change your …


Josh Kern is the first photographer to be featured on kapture. As this site starts to grow, it expands into new territory and hopes to inspire by sharing art of many other artists. Kern is a German emerging photographer who not only creates art but manages to capture feeling in his work by shooting in film, he adds rawness to his work. His work is unique because he picks up the camera when everyone puts theirs away; during the moments when you’re too busy actually being alive than capturing the moment for social media. And through pairing his work with journal entries, Kern adds even more rawness to his work. His work teaches us to do what makes you uncomfortable, because that’s when we produce the best art. Find Josh here: website, instagram


The first day in Nice was like a transportation to another dimension. It’s amazing what happens when for one second you take yourself out of your reality and disconnect from things, people and places you’re used to. Great adventures wait for you to get over your fear. Someone once told me that everything worth experiencing is found outside of your comfort zone, and as you grow up your comfort zone grows with you. It gets bigger and bigger every time you do something new and it is important to never stop trying to expand that circle. This summer I have realised that I am destined to live at a beach one day. I travelled to Cornwall and the South of France and never felt so connected, rooted and at peace than at a beach. It feels like It has been created just for me to see. Even though I only spent a few short days exploring the south of France I loved every second of it and felt incredibly grateful to be there. I remember …


Throughout the month of August I met a lot of new people, and definitely got out of my comfort zone a lot but I was very quickly rewarded for it. It all started in my photography class. We were assigned to photograph people on while background like Marcus Lyon and Richard Avedon. I was walking around the local area of my school and asking strangers if I can take photos of them and hear their story. That was the best “lesson” I ever had. I wanted to continue this outside of school, so I grabbed my friends and headed to Shoreditch (as per usual) in order to capture people’s amazing styles and personalities. (I will not include all of the photos that I took because of confidentiality, but I hope you enjoy the ones that I did.) I also tried different styles of editing in order to reflect the vibe I got from the person.   Just as I thought I was done with this project I was walking down a street and stumbled across …


Hey guys, This will not be a long written post, but I just really wanted to share my photos from The Fratellis gig in o2 Forum Kentish Town. You can read the review of the gig and see my photos on this website. The whole experience was so intense; I was in front of the barrier, resting my hands on the edge of the stage with the whole band inches away from me. I loved the gig and how the photos turned out. The Fratellis is a band that recently performed their Costello 10th Anniversary concert and absolutely killed it. You can listen to them here.  


My first blog was going to be about my trip to Brighton, but then this morning happened and I had to take some photos for my photography class this week,  so I grabbed my camera and a penny board and rushed off at 10 a.m. with no destination. As soon as I left my house I realised I can’t see anything passed, maybe 15-20 meters. The fog covered the landscape and the gloomy weather, orange leafs and the birds singing in the background made this morning the most beautiful morning of my life. As I walked around my nearest park listening to Ed Sheeran (yes I know, how cheesy and cliche, but trust me those songs made everything more beautiful), my shoes completely soaked though but I think the photos were worth it!