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Art is such an amazing tool that we can use to collectively improve our mental health.

It is so easy to turn to the wrong things when we are not feeling our best. So why not use all that energy that’s eating at us and re-direct it into something productive like creating something. The longer we are sit in our negative emotions, the more time we waste, when we could be using it to create art and show ourselves some self love. Picking yourself up from depths of depression is definitely easier said than done, but creating art is something that can really help us understand our emotions as well as help us get ourselves back to a positive place.

Creating – whatever that may mean for you, is a form of self love. Whether that be making music, doodling or taking photographs… whatever makes you feel alive and lost in the moment is something that you cannot neglect when you are feeling down, because that is one thing you can always rely on. It is also such a healthy way of dealing with your mental health because it is something productive and it may one day also potentially help someone else, unlike the many forms of self-sabotage that we turn to as humans…

Personally, I’ve found writing to be extremely therapeutic for me because it allows me to see everything that’s going on in my head on paper and then I can identify the problems and go about fixing them in a logical way. Writing also helps to detach yourself from your emotions because as soon as your thoughts become inked words on paper they are released and you no longer store them inside of your mind.

Any great works of art, in whatever form they came in, were created through pain. You can’t really create anything amazing until you go through experiences that will break you because people respond to things they can relate to – and every person can relate to pain and heartbreak in one way or another. The most beautiful art is that which makes you feel something. And that’s the ironic thing about life; you can’t have beauty, happiness and love without the pain, devastation and the heartbreak. It’s all about balance baby. The yin and the yang.

Looking back at the art which you have created in your darkest of times can feel scary sometimes, but you shouldn’t discredit it or hide it from the world just because you don’t feel that way anymore. Sharing my most vulnerable pieces of writing with people has been extremely rewarding because it has taught me that literally EVERYONE IS GOING THROUGH THE SAME THINGS. We are all so interconnected and we don’t even know it.

If the idea of creating art when you’re feeling low for some reason intimidates you or you feel a pressure to suddenly create something amazing that the whole world would will see – stop, breathe and relax. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. No one has to see what you create. You should not feel obligated to show anyone. Creating art should be something that you only do for you and not for anyone else. If you still feel pressure – try something new. Maybe if all you are used to is putting your soul into music, try painting instead. Try something completely out of your comfort zone, because then the whole pressure of it having to be good disappears.

I hope this post inspires you to give art a try and encourage you to take the time to pause and focus on one thing, because that is a form of meditation and self love. It will allow you to slow down and actually get the opportunity to acknowledge your emotions.

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