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Jorja Smith, The Upcoming Queen

Queues that trailed around the block spiralled around the streets of Nottingham. Each fan waiting to see the woman herself in the flesh, wanting to be as close to her as possible. Jorja Smith has evolved rapidly as an artist over the past year, her fan-base multiplying every day. At only 21, she has accumulated over 1 million Instagram followers, over 60 million YouTube views, alongside winning the UK Breakthrough Artist of the Year award at the AIM awards 2018.  Jorja Smith is not one to ignore.

Jorja Smith by Ella Jones

Photo by Ella Jones

At her first headline show in Nottingham of her whole career to date, she stunned the crowd endlessly. Upon entrance to the stage, wearing a glitter striped dress and her hair tied back, she was welcomed to screams of happiness and a collective feeling of being proud. Every fan in that room had seen her grow into the woman she is today.

Beginning with her 2018 album’s first song ‘Lost & Found’ the crowd followed every lyric she sang, returning by singing the backing vocals for her track. Then transitioning into Teenage Fantasy, her single released back in June 2017, the crowd immediately soaked into one voice. Jorja’s sound was almost identical to the recorded track, simply demonstrating her sheer talent and natural ability, she performed effortlessly, her voice carrying the music through the set list.

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Photo by Ella Jones

What made her performance unique, was how relaxed she appeared to be. Her show illustrated how she focuses in on the singing, not overly dancing or doing anything too drastic. This just emphasised her voice further, she was the centre of the room. Watching the calm articulation of all of her lyrics, especially through her slower tempo songs, she fell into the music with her soul.

Jorja encapsulated the evening through her soft gazes across the room, making every person in that room wonder what she is thinking mid-song. She felt every note she sang, her pure dedication to music driven through each word she sang. Serenading the audience came easy to Jorja, through the high notes of February 3rd and Let Me Down, alongside the swinging beats of Something In The Way.

The entire image Jorja produced through her music and her performance in Nottingham just represents how much of a journey she has been on the last 2 years. The real publicity of her music pushed through the COLORS performance of Blue Lights that was uploaded in April 2018, exposing her to an audience way wider than she had experienced before. Being scouted at 15 after uploading singing covers on YouTube, kick started her journey to becoming a world-recognised woman in the industry. You can tell that the reality of the crowd knowing her music off by heart, still shocks her to this day.


Written by Ella Jones / Instagram: @elzyella

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